Victory to the struggle of the University Staff

In the last four months the University Staff is taking industrial action after a democratic decision of the University College Union. 30th October was the beginning with a big joint strike of UCU, Unite and Unison in all the universities of the UK. This struggle went on and on 3rd December when UCU hold a national 24 hours strike. In 2014 two 2 hours strike on 23rd and 28th January were the initial key actions. The next one is the 24 hour national joint strike of UCU, Unite and Unison.

The University Staff decided to take industrial action since they have been offered a pay rise of 1%. This highlights the incentives of the employers if we account for the inflation that is around 3%. Since 2008 this policy has led to a 13% pay cut in real terms. It needs to be noticed that the surplus in higher education is around £1bn. This pay rise (1%) will be applied until, at least, 2016 as the British Government has decided.

We decisively support this struggle! The workers in the university struggle for a better salary, for better working conditions in the context of the current crisis that leaves social ruins in its development. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer! Professors, researchers, technicians, administrative staff and cleaners struggle for a better university! We support and we express our solidarity to them! This struggle is a struggle of the whole society! All the workers, unemployed and youth need to stand united and defend the education and health system, their life!


We call every youth, student, unemployed and worker to join the struggle of University Staff, and specifically on Thursday 6th February the picket lines outside of the most of the university buildings (from 8.00 am) and the joint rally that will take place in University of Bristol outside the Senate House at 10.30 am.


Victory  to the struggle of the University Staff! We will not pay for their crisis!



Real Democracy Bristol


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