Special forces reservists call for resignation of government

A group calling itself the Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) wants the government to resign, the suspension of all laws relating to the troika memorandum and the expulsion of ‘illegal immigrants’

Screengrab of the Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) website (Photo: EnetEnglish)

A prosecutor in Athens has ordered an investigation into a blog post that appeared on a special forces reservists’ website demanding the government and president resign and an interim government be appointed under the “guarantee” of the armed forces.

In a statement posted on its website on September 23, the Hellenic Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) says it will assemble at 4pm at Syntagma Square in order to demand “the immediate resignation of the government” because it has failed in its duty to provide “health, education, justice and security” that it says it is obliged to do under article 22 of the constitution.

The group first announced its intention to protest on Syntagma Square on 3 September, 170 years to the day since an uprising in 1843, led by the army, in Athens and supported by large sections of the people, that successfully forced the autocratic King Otto to introduce a constitutional monarchy. 

Government and judicial authors met in an emergency meeting late on Wednesday after reports appeared in the media on the group’s demands that an interim “government of national unity” should take power, to be chaired by the president of the Supreme Court and to include “proven personalities with no political links” and members of the Academy of Athens.

The group also calls for the resignation of President Karolos Papoulias at an “appropriate time”.

The group’s willingness to openly call for the removal of the government will fuel concerns about rightwing infiltration of the armed forces in general. Earlier this week, the defence minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos,launched an inquiry into allegations that members of the armed forces have helped to train hit squads formed by the neonazi Golden Dawn party.

Claiming that it is protecting the “motherland” from its “enemies”, the KEED calls on “all Greeks regardless of their political beliefs to show up with a Greek flag at Syntagma Square to demand the restoration of our national sovereignty”.

Among its 15 demands is a call for the suspension of all laws related to the memorandum agreements. Furthermore, it calls for the “exclusion” of all citizens who participated in “governments responsible for the current economic situation”.

All German-owned businesses in Greece should be seized until German repays “in full” the wartime loan and provides reparation compensation.

It also calls for the “removal” of all “illegal immigrants” to other EU countries. 

The group says that the  “armed forces”, along with the “security forces”, would “guarantee” the implementation of its programme.

This will not be the first time that the group has paraded in public. In October 2012, the group appeared – in military uniforms and formation – at the protests against the visit to Athens by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


By Damian Mac Con Uladh, EnetEnglish.gr

Source: http://www.enetenglish.gr/?i=news.en.politics&id=1502

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