On Tuesday 10th September we oppose the Bedroom-Tax in Bristol

Since April 2013, when first imposed, ‘’Bedroom Tax’’ has been targeting more than 660,000 poor and disabled households. People, living in housing association or council property, having one or two+ spare bedrooms will lose 14% or 25%, respectively, of their housing benefits, leaving them with a small amount of money to spend on bills and food. As a result, many people have been drawn to despair! Some of them were forced to move into private landlords homes, having to put up with the increasing rents. Unfortunately, in a few cases, like Stephanie’s Bottrill, some found it too hard to cope with.

     Several groups around Britain have been protesting against ‘’Bedroom Tax’’ the past few months, leading to respectable victories in certain cases. For instance, in Viewpark (Uddingston), people have managed to force the North Lanarkshire council to back off from threats to evict tenants.

     On Tuesday 10 September 2013, the City Council will decide on the appropriate actions to deal with the Bedroom-Tax arrears in Bristol. Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance is calling out for everyone to join the protest at 17:00 outside the Council House at College Green.

Real Democracy Bristol will be there to express their opposition to Bedroom-Tax and their solidarity to all the households affected by the above measures!

We invite all the people in Bristol to be there and show their opposition against the Bedroom-Tax:

Tuesday, 10th September, 17.00, College Green!

The fight against Bedroom Tax is a fight against austerity and shock-doctrine policies in the whole European Union!


Real Democracy Bristol


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/191140207731320/


One thought on “On Tuesday 10th September we oppose the Bedroom-Tax in Bristol

  1. 60 people today in the lobby. They went into the council. The council discussed many points in the agenda before discussing the bedroom tax and the people got tired. The most of them have left around 19.00. Let’s see what they will decide.

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