Post-Gezi ‘Witch-Hunt’ in Turkey!!

Getting Creative With Occupy Gezi Witch-Hunt (by emre kizilkaya)

First, please check the latest news:
Famous artists, the leading members of the Internet community, the largest company, the most critical TV channels, key NGOs and ordinary people…
None of these Occupy Gezi supporters were criminals, but;
they are targeted, detained, fired from their jobs or arrested because of their political stance!!!
A petition has been started to support one of the targets’ after Gezi protests: An actor Memet Ali Alabora
Two weeks ago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, got his millions of voters to boo and set up Memet Ali Alabora as a target. Alabora is an artist, a union president, and a citizen. In the meanwhile, Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek participated in a television program three days ago, in where he said referring to the same artist, “The state will catch Alabora with God’s permission, and I’ll see him behind bars.”
There is no historical precedent for the way in which an artist was specifically pointed out as a target.
All people have the right to express themselves, to create, write, act, and reflect their views in their work. Effort to frame these activities as crime is a direct assault  on all our lives.
To stand united in the face of this language and hatred that finds its embodiment against not only Memet Ali,  but all of us who are facing political oppressions all over the World.
The link to sign the petition:

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