It is not only 20 cents!

ImageNão é só vinte centavos

It is not only 20 cents

What started in Sao Paulo as a protest against prices for public transport is turning into a widespread movement. Protests in 80 cities, more than 2.000.000 people in the streets and slogans going far beyond the protest against the 20 cents raise for bus fares decided by the municipality of Sao Paulo.

Twenty years have passed since the last mass protests in Brazil, twenty years during which the country has established itself as one of the strong emerging economy, a member of the so-called BRICS. As the international profile of the country was growing rapidly, the vast majority of people did not benefit from this growth, leaving Brazil with huge inequalities and a massive corruption.

An emerging economy for whom?

As their country is spending billions for the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games, Brazilians are wondering if the high taxes they’re paying would not be better spent to improve basic social needs like education, health, security and public transport.

Addressing the country on television the 18th of June, President Dilma Roussef praised the peaceful and democratic protests, unveiling new reforms such as the use of 100% of oil royalties for education.

Although the presidential speech was of a conciliatory tone, protesters noted that there was nothing peaceful in the repression of the manifestations by riots police, and in order to keep the pressure on the government called for a national protest on Saturday 22nd of June.

Links for a more detailed information:


“We are Greek, Turkish, Mexicans. We have no motherland. We are revolutionaries”.

From a banner in one of the demos in Sao Paulo.


Real Democracy Bristol




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