For the last developments in Greece. We will overthrow this government and ERT will be open!

For the last developments in Greece. We will overthrow this government and ERT will be open!

The past few days, there have been rapid developments in Greece, mainly shaded by the sudden, and final as stated by the “Top Board (I don’t know how to translate that in English)” last night, shut down of ERT (Greek Public Broadcaster). As a consequence, around 2,500 people were fired out of the blue in an illegal way.

The anti-democratic decision of the Greek government to shut down the state TV and radio broadcaster (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation-ERT) is of great concern to democratic rights and press freedom. First of all Greece is now the only European nation-state without a public broadcaster. Second, the closure of the national broadcaster is of great significance since it shows that freedom of speech has been already banned in Greece. Third, more than 2,500 employees have been dismissed. Fourth, the program content of the state broadcaster was extremely significant and differentiated from the other private broadcasters, being the means of culture’s promotion and the means of Greek immigrants to stay connected with their country. Fifth, the media in Greece now will be dominated and controlled only by private interests.

The property of ERT has been paid by the Greek people and should not be allowed to be offered to the private interests that already use ERT’s TV and radio frequencies. ERT is the first public asset to be restructured and will be followed by a huge privatisation program regarding hospitals, schools, harbours and airports. Until now the 3 TV channels and the 19 (mainly regional) radio stations were spreading information to the whole Greece and the world. This is another success story for the government of Samaras which destroys everything in cooperation with the EU, the ECB and the IMF.

The employees (journalists, technicians and others) have occupied the broadcasting building of the public television and radio. They are in continuous assembly and strike until they win! They also invite all workers, unemployed and youth into the building in order to defend the public television and radio company. The Greek National Union of Journalists has voted for continuous strike and thousands of people support the occupation every day. People resist!

The way the government chose to take that action is far from what constitutional law states. Most importantly its sudden and unacceptable way of shutting down mainly reflects the lack of real democracy and the general crisis in the Greek state.

Yesterday, one of the three parties (“Dimokratiki Aristera” – Democratic Left) of the Greek coalition government, after expressing its opposition to the shutdown of ERT, made almost clear their intentions of “pulling out” from the government, leading to the issue of the political legitimation of the government.

The crisis in Greece is deeper than ever! We are not only experiencing economic crisis, but political and institutional crisis as well…we are not living in times of democracy…we are living in times of secret coalitions, governmental arbitrariness and continuous disrespect to the human value!

We need to demand and fight for a better future! Let our voices unite and be heard!

Workers in ERT and people in Greece are not alone. We express our solidarity to the workers in ERT, to the workers, youth and unemployed people in Greece!

Shut down this government immediately!!!


Real Democracy Bristol


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