Greece: The only ex-developed and emerging, from now on, national economy in the world.

We all knew that Greek economy has been the only developed economy since the WW II in recession for 6 years in the raw with a total loss of 25% of its national GDP.

Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) provides with indexes about the conditions of the national economies classifying them as developed and emerging. Greece has been developed economy up to to very recently when MSCI within 2013 decided to downgrade the Greek economy to emerging. The real question is whether Greece will ever again ’emerge’, will return to the developmental level before 2008.

With these policies, never!

This is why, it is necessary now more than ever in the last 5 years, a strong and courageous grass-roots labour movement which with a continuous general political strike will overthrow the external Troika of the EU, ECB and IMF, the internal Troika of the government (Nea Dmikoratia, PASOK, DIMAR) and the memoranda and will demand a better, dignified and just life and society.

Real Democracy Bristol

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