Shut down the Greek government now!

The Greek government announced in a hugely anti-democratic and junta-oriented way that the public national broadcaster (ERT) is shut tonight. More than 2,900 employees are fired from tomorrow. The government announced that soon there will be another new company with much less employees, much less TV channels (now there are 3) and radio stations (19 regional in all the country). 
Greece may be the first country without public television, public radio station and  public airport. Another success story for the government of Samaras which destroys everything in deep cooperation with the EU, the ECB and the IMF.
The employees (journalists, technicians and others) have occupied the broadcasting building of the public television and radio, they are in continuous assembly and strike until they win! They also invite all the workers, unemployed and youth in the building in order to defend the public television and radio company
Shut down this government immediately!!!
People im Greece started demonstrating noutside the broadcasting buildings in all the big cities of Greece. More than 20,000 people are still protesting at 1.00 AM.

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