Solidarity protest to the people in Turkey, 7.6.2013, 17.30, Fountains

What is happening in Turkey?

The peaceful demonstrations of 500 people aimed at saving Gezi Park, which is planned to be replaced with the 94th shopping centre of Istanbul, ended up to huge demonstrations countrywide against the gradually authoritarian policies of the Turkish government. Millions of Turkish citizens from different ethnic, ideological, and religious backgrounds whose rights and freedoms have been increasingly eroded during the ten-year Erdogan rule filled the streets and showed a united resistance.

However, not surprisingly, we witnessed the violent reaction of the state against its own people. The bloody attacks of police on the demonstrators resulted in 4 death, more than 4,000 injures, and more than 2,000 arrests of people fighting for a better life. Media under political pressure has been silent and ignorant to this repression while the biggest two trade Unions decided a 48 hours strike for 4th and 5th of June to support people.

We express our solidarity to the resistance of the all people in Turkey against the gentrification and the destruction of their cities and the environment on behalf of profit, and more generally the destruction of their lives by the Turkish state.

We support their struggle and demands for justice.

We demand an end to police brutality right now!

We demand the unconditional freedom of all demonstrators arrested!

We demand the cancelation of Gezi Park project!

We demand an open dialogue within democratic standards, not a dictatorship!

We demand a free and unbiased media!

Solidarity protest to the people in Turkey, 7.6.2013, 17.30, Fountains

Your struggle is our struggle! Solidarity to the people in Turkey!
Resist for real democracy, justice, freedom, and equality!

Real Democracy Bristol

Solidarity from Bristol

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