Solidarity to the people in Turkey

Solidarity to the people in Turkey

We express our solidarity to the resistance of the workers, the youth and the unemployed people in Turkey against the gentrification and the destruction of their cities, of the environment and more generally the destruction of their lives from the Turkish state. The protest of 500 people in order to defend Gezi park, which is planned to be replaced by the 94th shopping centre of Istanbul, ended up to huge demonstrations against the policies of the Turkish government. We denounce the murderous state repression expressed by the bloody attacks of police on the demonstrators. The result is 2 dead and more than 2,000 injured protesters and more than 900 arrests of people fighting for a better life.

Our thoughts are turned towards the people in Turkey. We support their fair struggle and their fair demands.

Your struggle is our struggle.

You can count on our support and our solidarity!

Democracy and freedom to the people in Turkey!

Real Democracy Bristol



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