May Day is strike day, not just another bank holiday!

May Day is International workers’ day. People throughout the world celebrate past struggles and economic, social and labour victories such as the eight-hour work day. However this year this cannot be treated like a celebration but like the beginning of a huge struggle against the austerity policies. Many of those gains and rights are now being attacked. Permanent and stable jobs, decent salaries and pensions are being replaced with flexible, part time jobs, 0-hour contracts and low salaries.

The government attacks workers, pensioners and unemployed with cuts in jobs, pensions and public services and privatizations for profit whilst the bankers are getting bailed out. The cuts will keep coming and the inequality gap between the rich and poor will keep growing unless workers across Europe and around the world unite to fight back and strike to reclaim their rights. In such critical times of social, political and economic crisis, May Day is an opportunity for united action where all the different struggles, of workers’, pensioners’ students’, women’s, immigrants’ must be brought together.

Real democracy Bristol invites all the workers, unemployed, pensioners and youth to participate in the May Day demonstration of the Trades Unions and BaDaCa in College Green at 11.30, 4th May in order to show our opposition to austerity cuts and attacks on workers’ and human rights. 

May Day Demonstration, Saturday 4th May, 11.00, College Green.

General Strike Now!

Against the austerity and the budget cuts! For a better life!


Real Democracy Bristol




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